Pro Networked Mounting System (PNMS)

PNMS Intro Video

The Pro Networked Mounting System (PNMS) primary goal was to solve issues discovered when building a Vehicle or Animal mounting system in a Multiplayer Setting. It is important to know it is not a comprehensive Vehicle System that solves all interactions such as movement and hitting objects with vehicles or mounted animals. The narrow scope of the mounting system is purposeful as its goal is provide a framework for building out the vehicle or animal mounting System specifically for your game's design. The PNMS is designed to integrate into any game as it does not rely upon special Actors to achieve this. Instead it leverages the Dependency Inversion, a design principle, and uses Components and Interfaces for implementation and communication between the various game actors involved.

While building a game with Vehicles and Animal Mounting we discovered that a multiplayer mounting system in Unreal was surprisingly complicated.  During the development of these games significant issues arose in multiplayer that did not exist in single player.  We hacked in several ways to correct these issues but these fixes where often cumbersome.  Ultimately the formula of Actor Attachments, Lag, Animations , and Movement creates a lot of weird behaviors when working in concert with each other.

Download at the Unreal Engine Market Place: Pro Networked Mounting System

PNMS Plugin Features

  • Setup Pawns or Characters to attach to other Actors, Pawns, and Characters
  • Support for custom Mounting and Dismounting Processes tailored to your game
  • Support for custom Seats Change Processes tailored to your games needs.
  • Support for Custom Animations for Mounting, Dismounting, and Changing Seats
  • Seat Customization based on Bones and Sockets.
  • Supports Mounts that are directly controlled by the players or do their own thing or have their own custom control schemes.
  • "Linked Actors" allows for attached actors such as Trailers and Turrets to act as additional seats
  • Full Multiplayer Support.

Demo Plugins

A free asset to the PNMS Plugin is the Demo Project and its demo plugins that are available for free download.  Their purpose is to provide a project for developers to inspect along with the Guide Documentation to learn how the system is implemented.  Additionally the Demo Plugins are separated in such a way that developers can drop in what they need to to act as a starting point for their own development needs to get a sort of quick start.  

There are two implementations for the demos and you can learn more about them by reading the Quick Start Article.  Additionally each section of the guide will cover what Blueprints or Classes you can look at to understand the implementation.  There are three provided Plugins, a Core implementation, a Simple Implementation that builds off of the Core, and a standalone advanced implementation with all features implemented.

Download the PNMS Demos From the Website

Alternatively you can clone it from the Repository