Mounting System Release Notes 2.0

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Update for Pro Mounting System version 2.0 for Unreal Engine 4.  This release brings more improved streamlining of the over all system and a few quality of life enhancements.  It also provides full support for Actor based Mounts and Pawn based Riders.  It also includes improved signaling for mounting and dismounting actions and status codes if they have failed and why.




This 2.0 version of the plugin is available only for UE 4.25.  Many of these improvements rely upon the streamlining of logic and interfaces for the new Engine Version.


Player Pawn Support

In previous version the player's character was expected to be of the ACharacter type.  This mainly had to do with needing to handle collision and animation for the capsule and skeletal meshes.  Now the Mounting system will support any Pawn as the base rider object.  New functions have been added to the interfaces to facilitate the lost functionality from assuming a ACharacter Type base class.

Mount Actor Support

In previous version the mount was assumed to be a Pawn type which is the base class for any Actor that a Controller can possess.  However in the effort to support nonpossessable actors this limitation has been removed and now the Mounting System only expects that your mount be an Actor base class.  It is important to remember that only Pawns can be possessed by a controller but for anything your character just needs to sit on can be any actor.

Simplified Seat IDs

Seat IDs are now auto assigned starting at 0.  The update system is fairly smart if there is a number already in the list of seats it is skipped, if you enter a duplicate number than the number is corrected to the appropriate value in the chain.  Setting the Seat ID in the SeatManager will also automatically update it's reference to the appropriate Driver Seat Index as well.  The Driver Seat Index can no longer be directly set and instead relies on the use of the DriverSeatId Property.

System Updates

Newly Added Types







Known Issues

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