PNMS Aditional Resources

Additional Resources

I have attempted to setup multiple methods for you to learn how to use the PNMS system.

Sample Projects

With the plugin you can download the sample projects.  You can download the Finished Project which includes all the tutorials that we go over on this website as well as a Starting Project you can use to follow along with the tutorial projects.  The Finished project is updated over time and will continue to have more advanced combat systems and different combat systems added to it.

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4.26 Demo Project

You can directly download the full demo project files from the link below on the website or clone it from the public git repository. This project has the completed tutorial as well as a few additional demonstrations for you to inspect and look at. Each demo has a full Blueprint Tutorial to guide you along through each demo's assets.

The Demo Project comes with 4 total demos and there maybe more added over time.  All Demos have a blueprint tutorial to help you get familiar with the files used by that tutorial located in the Demos directory.

  1. Completed and enhanced tutorial demo
  2. Player Mounting Demo
  3. Vehicle Mounting Demo
  4. Turrent Mounting Demo

Finished Project download

Git Repository

4.26 Starting Sample Project

The starting sample project is a stripped down version of the Demo Project. You can directly download the starting sample project from the link below from the website or clone it from the public git repository on the start branch.

Starting Project Download

Git Repository Start Branch

Online Documentation and Discord

With Access to the PNMS plugin you can view the online documentation.  This documentation is a bit more technical and comprehensive, going into the core system and how each of the components and interfaces work.

Open Plugins
Fig 1.0 Open Plugins

To access the online documentation you simply go to the "Edit" menu and select the "Plugins" option.

Documentation Link
Fig 2.0 Documentation

Under the "Asadeus Studios" category you should see the "Pro Networked Mounting System" in your list.

click on the "Documentation" link in the plugin to view the online technical documentation

This is also where you can find the Discord server link