Asadeus Studios Offers a variety of Plugins and Services.  Here you will find a list of products you can purchase from the Unreal Engine Market place.


Pro Mounting System

Pro Networked Mounting System for UE4

Because building a multiplayer mounting system is a lot more complicated than you think.  There are a plethora of problems to solve when building what should be a basic mounting system let alone one that is online multiplayer friendly.  This plugin helps you add Vehicle and Animal mounting to your game with just a small amount of setup but also a high degree of customization in behavior. It comes fully network gameplay supported for multiplayer games as well as custom mounting and dismounting animation support. It also allows you to create technically unlimited seats per vehicle and mount so you can have any number of passengers ride along with you. Finally it fully supports turrets with it's Linked Actor feature.

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Release Notes v2.3.2

Pro Networked Combat System for UE4: Coming Soon

Coming Soon!  The Pro Networked Combat System for UE4 is a Combat Framework that provides basic functionalities that are foundational to build any combat system.  It focuses on Weapon Management to stream in weapon assets properly from disk and between clients and server in networked games.  It provides a lightweight Action Management system for managing your action states as well as replicating complex actions between the client and server of a multiplayer game to ensure actions are played properly and efficiently.  It provides Target Management to ensure when you hit something you only hit it once for each attack.  Finally it provides a simplified and standard set of functions for hitting targets during an attack or action as well as an optional precision hit mode for accurate animation based damage as well as special status effects such as being staggered or knocked back by an attack or guard.  This plugin is not just for a specific type of game it can support the development of any combat system such as a FPS, RPG, RTS, Strategy, or any other type you may want to develop.  This combat system is also not just for melee based combat but supports fully featured Ranged combat with bows or guns.

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