PNMS Release 11

PNMS Release 11



Updated Version 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0

This new update is for Versions of the plugin running on Unreal 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0. 

Plugin has been updated to version 2.3.2

New Features

A new editor plugin module allows for the visualization of the Mounting Points and the sphere of influence to each mount Point.  These mount points can be edited and moved to allow you visually see where each seat mount point is located and adjust them appropriately for your mount.  It currently does not allow for the editing of Dismount Points, but that is a planned feature in the future.

Bug Fixes

This update is to address a bug fix where two players where allowed to mount the same seat due to a bad initialization in the FindAvailableMountingPosition function.  In short an input parameter was being automatically initialize to 0 via Unreal Property system where it should be initialized to -1.  Zero being a valid seat identifier and index resulted in a failed distance check still returning true because the integer value was initialized to 0.

Demo Project Updates

The demo project has been updated to include:

  • Game Menu: You can now navigate to each demo and back using the game menu.  It is found under "GameMenu"
  • Flying Demo: New flying map demonstrates how to leverage flying in the mounting system.  It is found under "MountingExamples/FlyingDemo"
  • Basic Interaction System: The demo project now comes with a modular interaction system that can be leveraged instead of building it from scratch.

Additional Info

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