PNMS Release 20210501

PNMS Release 20210501



Updated Version 4.26 and 4.25

Improved support for mounting and dismounting animations by adding two new Anim Notifies that for animations to use to improve visual fidelity.

* AnimNotify_AttachToMount

* AnimNotify_DetachFromMount

Removed All Multicasts in favor of pure property replication for mounting and dismounting, no more hybrid system.  This improves overall quality and reliability of the system in networked games.

Improved support for mounted actors that come into Net Relevancy.  This was made possible by leveraging a pure property replication system.

Plugin Format Changes

Switched to new version numbering system.

Format still uses the <Major . Minor . Patch . Release > scheme but the Release number has been changed from a number starting from 0 to a Number representing the Date of when the plugin is pushed to epic.  The format of this new number Releasse number will be YYYYMMDD.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with packaging a build producing a warning that "CustomStatus" was not initialized properly.
  2. Added full testing for the Net Relevancy to ensure it works on Large open world games.

Additional Info

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