Mounting System Release Notes 2.1

Mounting System Release Notes 2.1

Update for Pro Mounting System version 2.1 for Unreal Engine 4.  This release brings some overall improvements to customization of the mounting process. You can now take full control of attachment, detachment, and possession of the character or mount and also the ability to manually control the movement replication of the owning actor.  Overall these customizations are designed to allow for improved support of Root Motion Animations.




  1. New Delegates you can hook into on the Rider Component for when it attaches or detaches from the mount. 
  2. New Mounting Behavior "Manual" allows you to take full control of Attaching and Detaching the character as well as Possession of the Character and Mount
  3. EMountingPossessionType has been renamed to EMountingBehaviorType

System Updates


  • SetRiderCollisionEnabled returns a bool value that needs to be set to true other wise it assumes you have not handled the collision update and will attempt to handle it the old way.  This was implemented to improve backwards compatibility for engine upgrades and will be disabled in UE 4.26


  • Two new Configuration Variables to determine when the character attaches or detaches from the mount
  • Added "Manual" option to the Attachment and Detachment configuration Behaviors
  • Added Blueprint Callable Function AttachRiderToMount
  • Added Blueprint Callable Function DetachRiderFromMount
  • Added Blueprint Callable Function SetMovementReplication
  • Added Call backs OnRiderAttachedToMount and OnRiderDetachedFromMount
  • New Flag bAllowOverrideMovementReplication which is true by default and allows the component to override movement replication.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug on the MountRiderComponent calling the IMountablePawnInterface function OnRiderFinishedChangingSeats with the "NewSeatId" and "OldSeatId" parameters swapped.

Known Issues

  • No currently known issues

Demo Updates

The Example Projects have all been given their own Blueprint Tutorials which gives a brief overview of all the files that are used for them and what to look at to determine how the functionality was changed to allow them to work properly. 

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