Mounting System Release Notes 1.6

Mounting System Release Notes 1.6

Update for Pro Mounting System version 1.6 for Unreal Engine 4.  This update adds a few features present in the 2.0 version of the plugin such as Seat Changing Notifications.  This release also brings some overall improvements to customization of the mounting process. You can now take full control of attachment, detachment, and possession of the character or mount and also the ability to manually control the movement replication of the owning actor.  Overall these customizations are designed to allow for improved support of Root Motion Animations.




  1. New Delegates you can hook into on the Rider Component for when it attaches or detaches from the mount. 
  2. New Flags allowing you to take manual control of attaching and detaching the character

System Updates


  • Added new function OnOtherRiderChangedSeats
  • Added new function OnMountActionFailed
  • Added new function OnDismountActionFailed
  • Added new function OnChangeSeatActionFailed


  • Added new function OnRiderFinishedChangingSeats


  • Added new function SetRiderCollisionEnabled optional collision handeling for the rider


  • Renamed UpdateMeshLocation to UpdaterootMeshRelativeLocation
  • Added new Function OtherRiderChangedSeat
  • Added new Delegate OnOtherRiderChangedSeat
  • Reworked Mounting and Dismounting code to give Log Errors and Warnings when actions fail


  • Added Config Variable: bAllowOverrideMovementReplication - allows the component to override the owning actor movement replication, if false this must be handled by development
  • Added Config Variable: bUseManualMountPossession - Will no longer automatically call "AllowControllerToPossessMount" when true, and must be called manually by development
  • Added Config Variable: bUseManualCharacterPossession - Will no longer automatically Call "AllowControllerToPossessCharacter" when true, and must be called manually by development.
  • Added Config Variable: bUseManualAttachment - Will no longer automatically attach rider if true.  Development should call "AttachRiderToMount" manually
  • Added Config Variable: bUseManualDetachment - Will no longer automatically detach rider if true. Development should call "DetachRiderFromMount" manually.
  • Added Config Variable: bAttachMountAfterMoveComplete - attach to the mount after MoveToMountingLocationComplete is called if true, or after mounting animation finishes playing if false
  • Added Config Variable: bDetachCharacterAfterAnimation - detach character after dismount animation plays if true, or immediately before the dismount animation plays if false.
  • Added Blueprint Callable Function AttachRiderToMount
  • Added Blueprint Callable Function DetachRiderFromMount
  • Added Blueprint Callable Function SetMovementReplication
  • Added Call backs OnRiderAttachedToMount and OnRiderDetachedFromMount
  • New Flag bAllowOverrideMovementReplication which is true by default and allows the component to override movement replication.


  • Added new function RiderFinishedChangingSeats - Alerts all currently mounted riders that another rider changed seats

Bug Fixes

  • No bug fixes where required for this release

Known Issues

  • No currently known issues

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