Mounting System Release Notes 1.5

Mounting System Release Notes 1.5

Update for Pro Mounting System version 1.5 for Unreal Engine 4.23 and 4.24.   This update brings with it a whole new feature; "Linked Actors" you can think of these as sub pawns that can be controlled by a passenger kind of like a gun turret.




This 1.5 version of the plugin is available for UE 4.23 and UE 4.24.  This will be the last major update to the UE 4.23 and 4.24 versions of the plugin with the exception of any bug fixes.

New Features

Linked Actors

You can now create special pawns that attach to your vehicle or mount that can be independently controlled by a passenger similar to how a turret on an armored truck, tank, or space ship may work.  These "Linked Actors" are treated as part of the Master Mount's Body and are designated in the seat manager.  You can directly mount a "Linked Actor" or have the seating process automatically assign it through the seating algorithm.  This feature is fully supported with previous mounting functions including mounting, dismounting, and changing seats.

Turret Example
Turret Example


Reduced Interface Category Lengths

The Interface Category Names have been simplified to simply the name of the Interface instead of "Interface | Name".  This allows easier view of the interface functions from the Actor's Interface Panel.

Category Streamlineing
Category Streamlineing

System Updates

Newly Added Types

  • ILinkedMountActorOwner - special interface for mounts that possess linked actors
  • ILinkedMountActor - special interface for Pawns that are linked to the Mount Body


  • PrepareToMount now accepts an optional AActor parameter "linkedActor" for direct mounting of linked actors


  • Updated GetMountBody to accept a seat ID parameter for getting Linked Actor Meshes


  • MountPawn now accepts an optional AActor linkedActor parameter

Example Project

A New Content Example in the Finished Example project for how to setup the Linked Actors to produce things like Turrets.  Currently there is no guided tutorial for it yet but it should come in time.

Content Example
Content Example

One thing I have learned from building out this example is that Turret controls are trickier than you would think.  While the turret itself is not perfect (for now) it does demonstrate some basics of how to handle a turret like system on your mount.  For now I leave the bulk of figuring out how a turret should be implemented and controlled to you, but the mounting part I got handled for you.


Example Project Policy Adjustments

Because it's been a long time I will no longer be updating the 4.23 example projects nor will I be providing a C++ version of the project.  From now on I will be focusing on the top main version of the engine for example projects.  This is primarily because it effectively doubles or quadruples my work for releasing a new version of the plugin and ensuring all 2 to 4 example projects run properly.  While I will be updating the 4.23 plugin as well as the 4.24 plugin only the 4.24 Blueprint example will be available.

Tutorial Changes

New tutorials for setting up the Mounting System have been launched.  Going forward the newest tutorials will first make their appearance here at the site and then later may become videos.  This allows for better quality control over the content of the videos essentially by vetting it in a medium that can be more easily updated with much less time.  Click the link for the new Mounting System Tutorials.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug that occurred with online client games with no dismount animation that caused the client's character to offset relative to the distance from the origin of the mount. 

Known Issues

  • No currently known issues

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