Mounting System Release Notes 1.4

Mounting System Release Notes 1.4

Update for Pro Mounting System version 1.4 for Unreal Engine 4.  This release brings one of the last planned features, Seat Changing support.  In addition it also includes a few new functions and additional helpers.  All the demo projects now include a basic mounting demonstration for Animals, A vehicle example using the buggy, and a demo on mounting other players.  Finally, the demos are a bit more complete demonstrating the ways you can customize the interactions.  I have added a more advanced demonstration of how you can specify animations for each mount using data assets and interfaces which provides a more complete demonstration of the animation options.



New Features

Seat Changing

You can now change seats while mounted, provided the mount has available seats to change to.  You can choose if the player jumps to the new seat location or performs an animation specified for that seat change configuration.  Do note that how you handle seat changing animations is entirely dependant upon your game and the plug in does not provide direct support for handling animations, but the demos provided do give an example of how seat changing and custom animations per vehicle or mount can be handled through specialized data assets (or even data tables if you need them).


New System Functions

Mount Rider Component

  • ChangeSeatById - changes to a seat at the specified ID
  • ChangeSeatAtIndex - change to the seat at the specified index
  • GetSeatId - function to easily retrieve the current seat ID of the player
  • GetCurrentSeatData - Provides a copy of the current seat data for the character

Mountable Pawn Component

  • GetDefaultDirectionForSeatAtIndex -Gets the default (first) mounting / Dismounting available direction for the specified seat index
  • GetDefaultDirecitonForSeatById - Gets the default (first) mounting / Dismounting available direction for the specified seat id 

Mount Rider Interface

  • OnChangeToNewSeatComplete - Called to finalize seat changing on the rider
  • PlayMoveToSeatAnimation - play an animation for changing to a new seat

New Anim Notify: ChangeSeatsFinished

When using Animations to perform change seats, the system provides a handy built in Anim Notify you can drop onto your animations to signal to the mounting system that the job is done.

Demo Updates

The demo projects have undergone some huge updates. The biggest is an improved animation configuration demonstrating how you can setup your game to use different mounting, dismounting, change seats, riding and driving animations for each vehicle.  Because every game is different and not all characters are created equal, this system is not part of the built in plugin, but feel free to use, modify, or even replace the setup however you see fit!  In addition I have also developed specialized mounting, dismounting, riding, and driving animations for the Horse and Buggy examples using the Mr. Mannequins Tools plugin for Blender.

Blueprint Tutorials

I have updated the Mounting System Blueprint Tutorial which you can use as a quick guide in the Demo Projects.  I have also created a Blueprint Tutorial on the Animation setup used and all it's various parts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Component was directly calling the MountFinished and DismountFinished functions instead of the Interface functions.  Now Developers and designers can inject their own custom logic into these areas before and after the functions are called.
  • Fixed Bug where possession of a mount was triggered immediately upon calling MountPawn instead of the appropriate location within the chain of events.  This was also causing a warning to show up because it would be called on the client.
  • Fixed Bug where mounts with multiple seats with similar mounting locations would fill from the last seat (highest index) to the closest seat instead of the one closest to the player.

Known Issues

  • No currently known issues

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