Mounting System Release Notes 1.1

Mounting System Release Notes 1.1

Update for the Pro Mounting System version 1.1 for Unreal Engine 4 released with Bug Fixes and a New Feature.  This  Update adds some improved stability, PIE inspection for properties and the ability to add an offset for dismounting that is different than the one for mounting for each seat.



Bug Fixes

  1. Added Ability to inspect various properties on the MountRiderComponent in PIE
  2. Fixed Bug with Mounting and Dismounting position calculations
  3. Fixed TranslateVector BP Node to have the OutVector be an output parameter


  1. Improved Dismounting reliability between server and clients

New Features

  • You can now specify a separate Dismounting locations for each seat. This is optional and toggled on and off with the option "bUseMountingOffsetForDismountingOffset" as part of the Seat Data Setup.

Known Issues

  • There is a PIE (Play in Editor) posession bug in UE 4.22 that is triggered on PIE Dedicated Server configurations. Upon Client 1 possessing a mount and unpossessing the mount, client 2 can no longer move the mount when it possesses it. However If client 2 possesses the mount first, than Client 1 and Client 2 can control the mount with out issue.
  • Possession Bug that prevents clients from taking control of a mount after another has taken control now has a work around.  Having an AI Controller take back possession of a mount or vehicle after a player / character dismounts allows other players to take control of it once again.  The Final Project files have been updated to reflect the fix as well as documented with comments and the walk through tutorial.
  • There is an issue with the installed version of the plugin where certain structures do not have a Category which is causing an error when you build in C++.  This is why the example projects are currently not working.  I have submitted an update to Epic and hopefully this will be cleared up As soon as possible.  Thank you for your patients.  A work around for this issue is to copy the AdsMountingSystem folder from the UE4 Plugins/Marketplace directory into a local plugins directory for the example project.  This weirdly fixes the issue.

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