PNMS Release 20210521



Updated Version 4.26 and 4.25

This new update is for Unreal 4.25 and 4.26 versions of the plugin.  It updates the plugin to version which will be release version 9 of the plugin.

This update adds a few feature for directly mounting to a seat.  It also brings some clarity for starting mounting, dismounting, and seat changing processes with new interface functions.

New features

Direct Seat Mounting Support

The Plugin now supports the ability to allow your player to choose what seat they mount to.  This can be done through your games interface or thorough hot keys.

Originally the system assumed mounting would be done based on the position the player is standing relative to the mount which I refer to as "Positional Mounting".  Now through a UI element or a hot key you can perform "Direct Mounting" to a specific seat.  The two methods of mounting are not mutually exclusive and your game can blend the two methods with no issues.

System Updates

A few updates have been made to the components and interfaces


  • BeingMountingActor - Can be used to start positional mounting process
  • BeginMountingActorToSeat - Can be used to start direct mounting
  • BeginDismountingActor - used to dismount from the mount
  • BeginChangingSeatById - start seat changing by the id of the seat to change to
  • BeginChangingSeatToIndex - start seat changing to the index of the desired seat.
  • PNMS_PossessPawn - Replaces Possess Character
  • Deprecated PossessCharacter - will still continue to function until UE 4.27


  • StartPawnMountingToSeat - called by the controller on the Rider to start direct mounting


  • EnableActionRpcs - new property to allow the controller to handle it's own client to server rpc calls instead of forcing developers to define their own.  Disabled by default for backwards compatibility until UE 4.27.
  • PerformMountActorToSeat - New function used to start direct mounting.
  • PerformSeatChangeById - New built in function to trigger seat changes directly from the controller using the seat id
  • PerformSeatChangeToIndex - new built in function to trigger seat changes directly from the controller using a seat index
  • PossessPawn - new built in function to trigger the possession of a rider or mount.


  • CanMountActor - Now provides an input parameter with the rider who is desiring to mount, allowing the use of "IsMountableByPawn".


  • MountPawnToSeat - New funciton used as the implementation of StartPawnMountingToSeat.
  • AllowControllerToPossessRider - Tells the controller to repossess the rider
  • Deprecated AllowControllerToPossessCharacter - deprecated in favor it clearer function AllowControllerToPossessRider.

Mounting System Library

  • PNMS_BoundAngleTo180 - Takes an angle and transforms it to a value between -180 to 180
  • PNMS_BoundAngleTo360 - takes an angle of any size and transforms it to a value between 0 and 360.

Demo Updates

The finished demo now reflects the finished tutorials rather than confusing others with some more complex systems for animations.  The more advanced animation system examples have been moved to the "AdvancedDemo" project. 

Two new Demos have been added

  • Animation Demo - provides a demo of simplified movement and animation
  • Advanced Demo - provides a more advanced animation setup allowing you to specify animation per mount.

Bug Fixes

No new bugs have been fixed for this version.

Additional Info

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