Gamework Systems


I have developed a large library of Unreal Engine game-play systems which I have named "Dev Core" and "Aeon Framework".  These Core libraries are at the heart of my primary development efforts allowing me to pull vast amounts of development knowledge from one place and reference code.  These systems are my own proprietary systems which can be leveraged as part of my services or not.  



Gameplay Systems



Network Authoratative movement systems that are customized based on the style of the game. Dynamic and configurable camera system with capability to switch between different modes such as Third Person and First Person perspectives as well as different characters.

Networking Systems



Experience building carefully networked game systems with proper property replication of Actors, Components, Subobjects, and Arrays. Full knowledge of when and how to use RPC.  Functional Online Subsystem knowledge and Dedicated Server builds.

Combat Systems



Highly customizable Combat Systems for Guns, Melee, and Magic Systems.  Animation based and weapon based damage or more generic collision shape damage systems.


Character Systems




Character Traits and abilities such as Attributes, Health and Stamina Regeneration, Survival Traits such as Hunger and Thirst.  Skill systems that increase your abilities by performing actions.  Perk Systems that grant new bonuses and strengths to your character.  


Animation Systems



Ability to setup combat animations and montages, notifications, and Anim Blueprints.  Have built Multi-foot IK for ground placement systems.


Inventory Management



Flexible Equipment System that can handle any configuration and combonations you can dream of.  Inventory Management capable of specific fixed inventory systems to unlimited space.

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